Thursday, August 20, 2009

nifty?: everything in one sex toy

This is way more awkward than anything else. It's also way more X-rated than this here homepage. [Especially because I recently found out my boss's niece has/does look at my blog and loves it... She's 8.]

It's called the Concubine Masturbator and there's not much to say except that it has everything you could ever need to have sex. [Although, I'm not sure it has a butt.... Hmmm...]

It's designed more for guys, really. I don't see anything that could do good for a female.

The description on the site makes me blush, too, and that's hard to do! I'm all about talking about everything under the sun but I felt a little uncomfortable reading it! Dang!

Boys- What do you think about this thing?! Awesome? Stupid? Do you want to give it a whirl?! It probably beats the ol' blow-up doll I bet.


Monday, August 17, 2009

naomi campbell is lettin it hang out

Oh boy. Two weeks ago everyone was saying that Lady Gaga had a dingoling, and now it appears that Naomi Campbell might have one too.

Here she is dancing on some stage or VIP section, wearing no undies, with plenty of cameras below. [Hey.. Idiot... Just because you're not doing much with your life now doesn't mean the papz aren't out to get ya!]

I mean... It looks very suspicious... But it might just be a case of Indesperateneedoflotion syndrome or something.

Actually.. No matter what is going on in there, that's definitely an issue she needs to take care of. Nasty.

Get control of your goodies, girlfriend. Whatever those goodies may be.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

when your career with disney is over, the girls come out to play

Oh boy.

This isn't too much we haven't seen before. A Disney chic is leaked without her clothes.

Little Miss Vanessa Hudgens is at it again. It looks like some of her sexts.. I mean.. texts... to Zac Efron were leaked to someone not so trustworthy.

Aw, what a pretty smile she has.

Ooh la la! What a nice kissy face and pretty eyes she has!

Wowzers. Those are some knockers.

Okay.. Now she's just a pro at seducing the camera and it's a little uncomfortable.

She has other nice things. Things that are inappropriate for this here main page. Click here if you're ready for it.

What nice matching undies and bra! With a hint of gold! And a nice touch.

Oh boy. Now that's more than a hint of gold. And a lot less than undies and bra.

Aye yi yi! Even LESS than the more than a hint of gold! Is that some p-word hair I spy?!

Well... I don't know there's much more you could ask to see from her at this point. I mean.. You want to leave SOMETHING to the imagination, right?!

Baby V.. Girlfriend... Be careful!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

watch: mario's sex tape

Oh my goodness. This is absolutely fantastic.

It doesn't matter how down or in a bad mood you are, this video is going to make you laugh.

The only problem is... I don't want anyone gettin' in trouble for watching, so please click here if you're in the clear.

O.M.G.! How GREAT is it?! Seriously. I don't even know a favorite part, it's all perfect!

Bahaha. I'm laughing out loud. Props to the creators!


Monday, August 3, 2009

celebs are flashing their private parts

It's nothing new. It happens at least once a weekend. Still, depending on the person, it never really gets old.

Two people were "showin' off their goodies" recently. One probably on accident, one definitely not an accident. One male, one female... Or so we think...?

Exhibit A: Soulja Boy on Twitpic.

Homeboy LOVES posting pictures of him half naked or of his millions of tattoos swarming his body. [A little awkward, sometimes...] This time he's trying to show his junk through his boxers and.... I really just don't know what to say about this.

This first one isn't too terrible, it's basically the equivalent of Shawn Johnson's Dancing partner. The second one... You're going to need to click here for.

Who is this guy?! I mean, he's not just sextin' a couple hookers, he's sending this out to millions of people who follow him! Aye yi yi. Plus... Do you really think it's that big?!?

Exhibit B: Lady Gaga on stage.

This has the potential to be even more awkward.

There's always been a rumor that Gaga is actually a man, and people have always tried to point out her penis, but this video could either be proof, or a huge magic trick for the eye.

Here's a screenshot:

People are saying that she has confirmed that she's a hermaphrodite, but I'm not buying it until it's a legit source saying it. Although.... I don't think my eyes are being deceived at this point.

C'mon people... Keep your ish inside your pants until it's at least a little more private, will ya?! Kthanks.