Tuesday, January 26, 2010

greg oden's junk is for the ladies' pleasure

Oh boy.

It's been a long while since I've had a NSFW post for the ladies.. They're very few and far between, unfortunately.

Welp... Ladies... Here ya go. NBA star Greg Oden's stuff is front row and center in a couple pictures that were leaked by some girl he probably cheated on. [When are people going to learn that A) you should never send nakey pictures, period. and B) if you're going to, you better treat that person right for life.]

It's XXX rated so uh.... Yeah. Click here.

[I still don't know how to talk after looking... Yikes.]



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

meet roxxxy: the sex robot

Apparently the good ol' Rabbit vibrator is a thing of the past. Handcuffs: So yesterday.

Nowadays we're looking for full-on sexual partners that aren't real.

The best one out there: Roxxxy.

You can watch the video below [which is definitely a little awkward], but basically this... mmm... thing.... does anything you would want a girlfriend to do [besides stay in the kitchen]. She has sex with you, talks to you, talks dirty if you want her to, and stays by your side. Plus, she's totally down for anything.

Seriously. She has sensors all over her body that help her react to your touch, she has orgasms, and 3 different personalities that you can choose from: Prude, normal, and sex kitten.

Did I mention she'll even learn your name?!

I'm assuming she'd even be down for some girl-on-girl, if you're into that sorta thing...

I'll be honest- I think it's pretty incredible that someone can really create such a thing. Can a sex robot really get any better?! [Well, there's always room for improvement... But I'd start with her looks. She's totally creepy.]

I wonder if they'll start doing all sorts of robot porn now... That'd be totally awkward.

Anyway... For all you sex-fiends and creeps out there, save up your money. She's obviously not a cheap hooker. 7,000$ is what you'll have to dish out for your ultimate, True Companion.


PS: This creator obviously hearts her. He clearly has a little somethin' somethin' pokin' down there. I'm sure the sexual tension is just rising the whole time he's presenting her.