Thursday, November 4, 2010

watch: the craziest, naked, drunken rampage ever

Everyone gets a little crazy when they're drunk. Duh. That's why researchers are claiming it's the most dangerous drug in the world [give me a break].

Sometimes the crazy is scary. Sometimes it's downright hilarious. This video is a little frightening to the eyes, and scary for the drunk man, but freakin' comical to everyone who can watch thanks to YouTube.

Thing is- he's nakey. So if you can handle it, I say go ahead and watch it now.

I've told you a million times that it takes a lot for me to sit and watch a video for more than a minute, and I watched this whole thing! Oh my. He's like Travis the chimp in human form on those cars!

How many of you guys would fight a naked guy?

Pure internet gold right there. Thank you, Internet.