Wednesday, August 5, 2009

when your career with disney is over, the girls come out to play

Oh boy.

This isn't too much we haven't seen before. A Disney chic is leaked without her clothes.

Little Miss Vanessa Hudgens is at it again. It looks like some of her sexts.. I mean.. texts... to Zac Efron were leaked to someone not so trustworthy.

Aw, what a pretty smile she has.

Ooh la la! What a nice kissy face and pretty eyes she has!

Wowzers. Those are some knockers.

Okay.. Now she's just a pro at seducing the camera and it's a little uncomfortable.

She has other nice things. Things that are inappropriate for this here main page. Click here if you're ready for it.

What nice matching undies and bra! With a hint of gold! And a nice touch.

Oh boy. Now that's more than a hint of gold. And a lot less than undies and bra.

Aye yi yi! Even LESS than the more than a hint of gold! Is that some p-word hair I spy?!

Well... I don't know there's much more you could ask to see from her at this point. I mean.. You want to leave SOMETHING to the imagination, right?!

Baby V.. Girlfriend... Be careful!


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