Friday, June 12, 2009

watch: sex is the new guitar

Let's be honest... It's getting a little old always strummin' on your air guitar when you have nothing better to do. It would be more fun to do something you actually know [or so you think] how to do with something or someone. Like ohhh, I don't know.. Sex, maybe?

In Austin, TX they took the idea from Japan to have Air Sex shows and perform sex on stage with... Well... nothing.

It's pretty freakin' funny [no pun intended.....] so if you're old enough to handle it, go ahead and click here.

"I'm here so that I can masturbate later."
"I want to get laid!" "..With air."

So funny. I wish they would do something like this at a comedy place down here. I would definitely attend.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

britney's nips slip! kinda

Last week someone leaked pictures of BritBrit during her Gimme More video shoot that show her exposing her boobies! She has cute pasties or drawings or something on them, but she sure does look happy to be showing you her goodies.

Keep in mind... This wasn't really when she had come back so obviously she's looking rough. At least she's got good boobs!

I don't think anyone is mad at you for this, B... Except maybe Papa Spears.