Monday, June 20, 2011

nip slip alert: jennifer lopez!

Uh oh! The Most Beautiful Woman in the World is showing her beautiful tata's to the world!

She was on a German TV show and apparently wasn't paying attention when this happened:


Thursday, June 2, 2011

blake lively's got 20+ leaked naked pics!

I LOVE Blake Lively. She's freakin' gorgeous. I'll be honest- of all celebs, I would not expect her to have naked pics leaked, but I would totally expect her to be kinky behind closed doors.

Sucks for her, because even though her reps are denying it, she's got a TON of naked pictures being leaked.

I don't know why she's trying to deny it... this chic's body is HOTT.

And I'm no boob expert, but if I were to compare these to what they look like in low cut dresses and stuff... they kinda match up.

Yo, Blake, homegirl... It's fine. Admit it and take pride in it. This country needs to be less prude anyway.


PS: Apparently there are 17 more, but I can't find them. Lame.

Monday, March 28, 2011

the latest x-rated giveaway: the where's dildo poster

Oh this is quite possibly one of the best, most awkward, detailed, can't-stop-looking poster I've ever seen... And I get to give two of them away!

It's called "Where's Dildo?," and it's exactly what it should sound like: An X-rated version of Where's Waldo?

First of all, let's meet "the cast."

There's Dildo, "The Finest Phallus;" Dildra, who asked Dildo to sneak under the bleachers to bang the moment they met; Coach Penetration is the volleyball coach at Blowzenfux University and the ultimate d-bag; Domina, obviously the dominatrix queen of the school; Duff, the Designated Ugly Fat Friend; Peter Guzinya, the spy/videographer on campus; Dr. Dick Fitswell, the teacher who trades A's for lays; and Dr. Pat MacGroin, who has a PHD in Female Stimulation Studies.

As you can already imagine, this is a pretty entertaining thing we're getting ourselves into. Those stories/descriptions get a lot more in depth, if you're interested.

These posters show the characters in very promising, questionable, and a lot of times unreal positions that will make your jaw hit the ground while your face turns bright red.

Here, take a look for yourself at the "Spring Break" edition. [Click to make it bigger!]

There's SO much going on that you could look for hours, but it might do odd things to you.. Just sayin'. It also might make people look at you like you're disgusting.

But here's the thing! It will also be the best conversation starter and if you're in school throwing parties on a regular basis- This is probably something you want to have.

Lucky for you, the other two editions of this fine poster are available to you!

All I require you to do is send out a tweet or a Facebook status, linking to me, saying whatever you'd like about me, my blog, this poster, etc. It's hella easy! I will pick two winners next week based on creativity and if other people respond/like what you say! Pretty simple and wide open, really!

Trust me- If you're open about this stuff, which you have to be considering you read my blog and have read this entire post, this is something you want. It's too hysterical not to have.

Let the creativity begin! ...And the Dildo finding!


Monday, March 7, 2011

check out chris brown's junk

I went away for a weekend and Chris Brown decides to send a pic of his johnson to someone who was smart enough to leak it to the Internet. Either I need to go away more often, or I always need one eye open to the Internet, no matter what.

The blonde hair has got to go, along with the annoying robot-like chest tattoo/sleeves, but as for the rest- you won't hear me complain.

I wonder if his photo will find Rihanna's photo for a little Internet rendezvous.
Okay, bad joke, I know.

Enjoy, ladies.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

poll: is this j-woww's topless photo?

There has been a LOT of talk of naked photos of J-Woww, and she's been fighting her ex and it's been a huge mess. Now, there are some photos on the internet that may or may not be her.

I'll let you be the judge, but you'll have to be a big kid to see them.

What do you think?! It's known that whatever pictures she does have to hide were tkaen pre- boob job, but if you can look past her awkward nipple off to the side, do you think it's her?!

One site swears it is, another says birthmarks don't match up. I think her mouth looks questionable, if anything. I'm sure we'll have the definite answer soon... Or we can just say that your votes decide the truth.

Yeah, I like that idea.