Monday, February 2, 2009

another malfunction

So here I thought that the most X-rated thing about the Super Bowl last night was suddenly having Bruce Springsteen's crotch in my face....

Boy was I wrong. People with Comcast in Tuscon, AZ had more X-ratedness, and even MORE excitement after Fitzgerald's fantastic catch/touchdown to put the Cardinals ahead.

Those guys got more than a nip-slip.. Or, I mean.. "wardrobe malfunction."

They got porn. Straight up. Someone pulled a prank on Comcast, and right after the touchdown, little kids' eyes were being covered. Real quick.

Holyyyyy cow. Can you imagine watching the Super Bowl with your family, super excited that your team is now WINNING, and then, BAM! A penis is being yanked around in your face..?!

Can we say awkward moment?!

I really can't imagine seeing this. I would have geeked out. And I can't believe this even happened! How does someone hack into Comcast and do this?! Woah.

Of course, Comcast is "mortified" and "sorry" and whatever, whatever. I mean, they have to be.. Right?

At least those people of Tuscon got somethin' CRAZY to talk about today!


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Julian said...

Wooooow lol That's crazy.