Thursday, August 20, 2009

nifty?: everything in one sex toy

This is way more awkward than anything else. It's also way more X-rated than this here homepage. [Especially because I recently found out my boss's niece has/does look at my blog and loves it... She's 8.]

It's called the Concubine Masturbator and there's not much to say except that it has everything you could ever need to have sex. [Although, I'm not sure it has a butt.... Hmmm...]

It's designed more for guys, really. I don't see anything that could do good for a female.

The description on the site makes me blush, too, and that's hard to do! I'm all about talking about everything under the sun but I felt a little uncomfortable reading it! Dang!

Boys- What do you think about this thing?! Awesome? Stupid? Do you want to give it a whirl?! It probably beats the ol' blow-up doll I bet.



fatpickle said...

they should have named this the "dickhead" it

Jeffrey Lear said...

Haha, that thing looks scary. And what is the head for?