Friday, December 26, 2008

we're not used to this kind of campaign

Ever heard the myth that the United States is ultra-prude? That the rest of the world partakes in a LOT more nudity and sexual activity than this country, and that it's just a "normal" thing to them!?

Well, this story might prove that statement.

A group of students at the Polytechnic University of Turin [in Italy] were running for their student body government or whatever, and had a whole campaign pretty much based on sex.

And when I say pretty much, I mean the main statement and reason they gave to prove they'd be the best, was about sex.

They said they wanted to get bigger dorms for students because that way it would be easier for everyone to be naughty and have a little bit of privacy.

If you're 18 or older, click here to see the hilarious, and brilliant campaign poster.

It's two college kids in the middle, err, doin' their thing, if you will.. With their parents on the outer sides. The words say "Some people think university students don't need their own space. We disagree."

So good! And so funny! AND so true!!

It's a shame people can't get away with this around here. I mean, I even have to put a picture of the poster on a separate page! We ARE prude. Dang.


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