Tuesday, November 10, 2009

eva mendes is showin' some skin

There's somethin' about Eva Mendes that is hott, but in your not-so-typical way.

Anyway, that's a known fact. This week has been quite the skin-bearing week for her and it's only just begun!

It started with her racy Calvin Klein billboard in New York.

Apparently parents are going nuts over it saying it's inappropriate, and even officials are stepping in saying it's causing traffic jams and hazards and needs to be taken down right away.

So she's a little sweaty, grabbing a guy's underwear, spreading her legs, and wearing lace lingerie... So whattt?! It can't be that distracting.... Right?!

She also got caught letting a little somethin'somethin' slip out.

You should know what I mean, and understand why you're going to need to click the picture below to see what happened when she turned just a little too much.

Woah, chica!!! You got somethin' showin'!! Watch out! People might zoom in on it!

She literally looks like she just hopped up out of her boyfriend's bed, threw on his shirt, forgot to button it all the way up, and hit the carpet before she could brush her hair.

Her nipple also looks kind of awkward to me... Does anyone agree?

Nonetheless... It's a nip slip... And I know how much you guys love a good nip slip!

You're welcome, and I'm sorry.. It's been a while.


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SirEstafon said...

NICE!!!! and Thank You