Thursday, January 15, 2009

little bit of slippage

Uh ohhh!

One of our favorite reality stars had a little mishap at the beach recently..

I guess when you go to the beach in a string bikini, the whole having a microphone attached to you might cause some problems.

It's WHITNEY PORT of The Hills/The City!!

And when she was on the beach with her BF Jay, the microphone caused her nip to slip.

Take a peek:

And yes, for all you pervs, you can click them to make them bigger.

Anyways, Wow. She's really just exposing herself like it's no big thing. And crack is wack!

The wires on her boob definitely threw me off for a second, but I guess they're just for her mic, which is probably why it was uncomfortable and the reason she was playing with it in the first place.

That sucks... I would not want that ish on me all the time! More power to ya, Whitney! Just, uh, watch yourself. The pap's are ALWAYS around. But I'm sure guys aren't complaining.


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