Sunday, February 15, 2009

naked body alert

The new issue of Playboy is out. Who's featured? I'll give you a couple clues. She's a hooker, she's the reason a multi-platinum group recently split up, and she thinks she's the ish.

Yup. Aubrey O'Day.

Here are a couple of the pictures, all PG-13 rated, of course.......

Oh wait.. Those are the only 2 that are rated okay enough for this page. So, you 18+ year olds, go ahead and click here for the whole spread.

Okay.. So.. She's pretty hott. Yeah it's probably Photoshopped and stuff, but she's HOTT!

I'm still mad at her actions, though. Including this one. Ugh.

Oh, and, you're welcome. :)


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